Sissybloke , the cocksucker

My cock is in chastity. It is "off limits".
My mouth and ass are available to you.

Ma bite est dans la chasteté. C'est "hors limites".
Ma bouche et mon cul sont à votre disposition.

Mi polla está en castidad. Es "fuera de los límites".
Mi boca y mi culo están disponibles para ti.


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I purchase a LOT of my lingerie and kink gear from :


No strings "cock sucking service" to Alpha Top males in need of a mouth.

S.Central London Location - i host (VERY Private and Discreet)


You don’t have to be gay to own a male cock sucker.

A sissy sucking your cock is NOT going to change you , if you are heterosexual , you will still crave pussy and females.

Think about it… you are probably horny and hard right now. You are on the internet looking at the porn to get your rocks off. You are stroking your dick, you need to cum.

You MIGHT even be messaging females, trying to hook up with them right now so you can get some lips and pussy around your dick.

Lets face it though – are those females rushing to your door right now , or even tomorrow?
It hard fucking work and when does it ACTUALLY ever work out ?

I mean , when did you last have lips and throat on your dick ? At least a week ago , 2 weeks , a month, MORE ?

Consider this, you are sat exactly where you are – in front of your computer or mobile , watching the porn videos and stroking.

Would it not be better if you went hands free and had a mouth around your dick right now ?

I have the solution. I come to you , or you come to me.

You watch porn, of your choice, and I get to work on your dick for as long as you want.

I can dress in basque, stockings, suspenders as you look down , all you can see is the long hair flowing down my back to reach my lingerie and all you can feel is the rhythm of my talented mouth working your cock.

(picture above taken before i grew my hair long)

Come on , you have put your dick in other places when you experimented , between the bed mattress? In a melon ? In the vacuum cleaner tube ?

If you can do that , surely you can just stick it in to a sissies mouth ?

It aint gonna make you gay, you are still ALWAYS going to crave pussy.

The only difference now is that you will have a sissy mouth on call for the times when the females are not beating down your door.

It is a simple , quick and convenient arrangement.

You love getting your dick sucked and I love sucking dick – it is as simple as that.

So , don’t think twice, don’t over think it – just message me now and lets get this "on call" cocksucker in to your little black book.

i live in the Elephant And Castle neighbourhood of London

The only words spoken are yours “get on your knees and open your mouth”

I drop , I suck , you cum down my throat , I rise and turn around and leave. You have enjoyed a warm , moist , talented mouth around your cock.

i am just a regular guy in the streets , jeans and t-shirt type , not handsome , not ugly, normal build. BUT under those jeans i am ALWAYS wearing stockings, suspenders and panties as a constant reminder that i am simply a "sissy" , who is inferior to Alpha males and i am to do their bidding whenever they require it.

i am NOT a TV who has not "made the grade". i have NO DESIRE to wear make-up , wigs etc... and present as female.

More intense servitude is possible if the location and time availability is good - e.g i will rim you , if required, or present my clean ass to you to fuck .

i am sorry , i will NEVER send a face picture , as i can't have my mates finding out that i am actually an inferior sissy who drops for cock.

What are you waiting for Sir ?

email ..... click button to email me


i am also seeking a position as a male maid . This does not have to include sex.

This would suit a totally hetersosexual male who needs his home kept spotless , his kitchen clean , his shirts ironed , so that females visiting him will have a lovely environment to spend time in.

If you require me to be your maid , you MUST live in London and you must live alone , or in an all male household.

i COULD travel for this duty , but , if it is a distance , i would have to be accommodated overnight and roped or chained when not in service.

Find out more about me becoming your male maid by visiting



I purchase a LOT of my lingerie and kink gear from :


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